//UX/UI Mobile Framework Design

In 2015 one of my clients was a web design company which builds web sites using their own proprietary Content Management System (CMS). Back then the biggest challenge this company was facing was to make their 90+ accounts mobile friendly. At the time they were paying a third party company to build their mobile sites, which were being built under a subdomain of each corresponding client account.

Later on throughout the year I started experimenting using responsive CSS techniques on the entire CMS. After many months of testing, in mid 2016 we launched a cloud based mobile framework that I solely coded. I designed this CSS framework to use the same domain names as the main client accounts eliminating the need for them to pay to a third party company for their mobile services. Saving thousand of dollars to my client.

This CSS framework features a minimalist mobile interface design that provides sharp tools for the user to have a dynamic mobile experience. Features such as custom header links that enable access to main phone numbers, donations, social media accounts and such, are some of the advantages of this UI.

This mobile framework also showcases a new mobile photo gallery design, as well as a complete new look for the online store module, enhancing the practicality of the mobile shopping experience.